Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change can happen!

Barack Obama has been elected as the 44th President of the United States of America. What a fantastic moment to show the efforts of grassroot change - fundamental change in the way people have looked, worldwide, at the issues that affect the US and their role in world affairs. Can't be coherent - waiting for Obama's victory speech live from Chicago.. :)


Anathema said...

when bill clinton was campaigning the first time arounbd, the time magazine made him man of the year with the heading: "mandate for change". after twelve years of republican, he was "between hope and history" to be a president for the people and not for the world. tis sad the end of his tenure was marred by attacks on africa.

I guess that is why obama being termed "mandate for change" did not have me swooning. i watched the change in 1992. i fell in love with him when clinton won. this time. the manadate for change was poresident in much the same way as clintons'. only its about peace, economic boom (again - why clinton supported him), healthcare, people.

so this time. i will actually sit and watch history change. Clinton appointed colin powell as his man: being half black. there was uproar. he simply said: "i come from arkansas, and its a black based community".

this. is history: a black president. This. is not fresh or new. but yes. people forget. pakistan forgot how wonderful PPP was. or musharraf brought about a change. People forgot clinton. they only remember lewinsky. but not the economic boom kennedy and clinton brought. nobody rememebers carter.

but yes. may history repeat.

Green Head said...

Has this change to do something with our country or people?

Jasmine The Pakistani Heretical Girl said...

Guys, hi, i would really like to hear authentic Pakistani opinions on what the Obama presidency means for the people of Pakistan. Should we celebrate or duck for cover?