Monday, December 08, 2008

Quotes of the week

We are in a decline. We might recover financially in two three years and may even in a dream scenario become something akin to a modern nation – far-fetched as all this may sound, but the very core, the very essence that defines a nation, that special quality inspired by just a few good men and women that makes ordinary countries become extraordinary – that is long gone. Where we lost it and when is no longer relevant. The sad truth is that as another year closes its doors fitfully on a Pakistan that has no idea where it should be heading, our national standards of right and wrong, our sense of decency or indecency and all the other factors that define a good people, has vaporized into the smog-laden and heavily polluted atmosphere that symbolically and physically has us enveloped in a gray and dull choking light. Our souls are in serious jeopardy.
- Masood Hasan for The News

Mr Friedman, who is an experienced foreign affairs commentator and author, not only ignored protests/vigils/peace initiatives organized by Pakistanis after the Mumbai carnage he also implied that Islam as a religion and Pakistan as a nation support terrorism and the world would take our condolences more seriously if we lit more candles and stopped spiking our breastmilk with Extract of Crazy Murderous Muslim Person. If there is ever a global village, I nominate Thomas L. Friedman for the position of its idiot.
- Kamila Shamsie for The News, commenting on Thomas L. Friedman's article in the NYT

Ashok Pawar, a police constable from the police station nearest the Taj, entered the hotel the night the siege began. It was full of gunfire and smoke. He could not breathe, and he did not know his way around. "It was my first time inside the Taj," he said. "How can a poor man go there?"In The Indian Express newspaper on Friday, a columnist named Vinay Sitapati wrote a pointed open letter to "South Bombay," shorthand for the city's most wealthy enclave. The column first berated the rich for lecturing at Davos and failing in Hindi exams. "You refer to your part of the city simply as 'town,' " he wrote, and then he begged: "Vote in person. But vote in spirit, too: use your clout to demand better politicians, not pliant ones."
- International Herald Tribune


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